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Published: 24th January 2011
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Symptoms, such as memory loss, lack of concentration and focus and confusion are common among individuals as they grow older. In the past, one had to accept these conditions but with the medical advancement, one can cure these age-related brain disorders. One such brain supplement that assists to reduce these symptoms is sold by Vista Basics. Below, focus factor reviews are shown.

The supplement has received mixed reviews from many users who have taken this supplement to combat brain-related symptoms and to enhance memory and concentration. Produced using various natural ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 oils and natural plant extracts, focus factor can be substituted for a multi-vitamin along with using to cure memory disorders.

One of the advantages is that it comprises ingredients that are known to enhance brain functioning and assist individuals to focus better. Moreover, this product is easy to use and one can avail of a free trial offer from the company.

Though useful to reduce some of the brain disorders, this product is only helpful to superficially cure individuals and does not help people suffering from acute disorders. Priced at a high rate, the effect of this supplement are slow and can cause some gastrointestinal sickness. As the formulation of this tablet contains metals it may cause disorders related to high metal toxicity, especially if users are already under other medication with metal contents.

Moreover, the brain supplement may cause some burping and loose stools in individuals using this product. A few persons can experience uneasiness due to some of the ingredients used to produce this supplement and can also cause allergies to ingredients contained in the tablets. Some users have complained of insomnia by the continued usage of this brain supplement.

Though the product can be ordered only for trial, many customers have found that their account information has been incorrectly used without their authority. Additionally, a few customers' accounts have been charged for subscriptions that were not authorized by them.

Since the launch of this product, the company has been in controversy and has numerous legal law suits from customers. Additionally, the manufacturers of this brain supplement do not have adequate scientific verification to support the benefits derived from using these supplements. Lastly, focus factor is not approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration authorities. Though helpful to reduce symptoms, individuals should do their own research before commencing the use of this supplement.

Like always consumers should do their research to decide for themselves if this product is right for them. Relying on advertising and promises is rarely enough even though most reviews are very positive.

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